Pickwick Candles

Not sure if you’ve heard about Pickwick & Co yet.  They’re a small Kansas City candle maker.  I was never much into candles while in London but, since getting my own little home, I really enjoy filling the place with things to delight all my senses.  Pickwick certainly does that.  While some other candle manufacturers (e.g. Yankee Candles) can smell somewhat artificial and overly fruity, Pickwick scents are subtle and complex.  Pickwick are willing to push the envelope when it comes to what we humans will enjoy – for example, how about New Baby, Honey Tobacco or Tomato Leaf?  They may sound strange compared to the conventional Vanilla but, trust me, they smell amazing.  If an aroma is one of the most powerful ways to invoke memory, what better way to set the atmosphere in your home than with scented candles?

If those flavours are just too bizarre for you, Pickwick also produce a wide range of more ‘normal’ scents which are fabulous too. My particular favourite is Honeysuckle and Wild Orchid.  They also have a neat seasonal collection (e.g. Balsam Cinnamon, Fireside and Holiday Spruce), which would be a great way to set the scene for your Christmas festivities.

Another nice touch is that Pickwick packaging is 100% recyclable and that they’re locally produced.  It’s great to be able to support local businesses and people.

Pickwick is distributed to many shops around town but the places with the largest selection are:-

  • North of the river: L&L Home Goods
  • South of the river: J’Adore (Brookside, at 63rd and Oak just east of the Brookside shops).

Link to Pickwick Candles here.


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